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We’re thrilled you’ve found our site, and hope that we can impress you with our design and renovation work.


Our small-but-mighty team consists of an enthusiastic group of talented people, all working toward the same end: To create a home that’s uniquely yours, but even better than you imagine it. 

We can see the beauty in all homes, but our biggest crushes are saved for character homes in need of extra love, or homes that have passed their glory days.  


Have you fallen out of love with your tired home? Have you bought a new home and want to make it all yours? Are you in the process of selling, and want to dress up your beloved home for a new owner?

Whatever your reason for seeking design or renovation help, one thing’s for certain: 

Once we’re in, we’re really in! 


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House Crush’s style is warm, inviting, comfortable—and most of all, collaborative. 

The House Crush team first visits you in your home to determine what you love (and don’t love so much).  We want to see all the tricky bits, the special challenges, and the rooms that you’d rather close the door on. Together, we’ll begin planning a vision that focuses on your lifestyle, your personal style, and your budget.  


The House Crush design aesthetic is classic-but-modern, with interesting and one-of-a-kind furnishings, palettes, textiles and accessories chosen for your unique project. We think the key to home design is figuring out exactly what makes you happiest—and working obsessively to make it happen. 

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Jacqueline Honnet  and Marika Deliyannides of House Crush 

Our People

Marika Deliyannides, Principal and Owner of House Crush, leads a highly skilled team of tradespeople and design associates through every project.


We’re proud of our customer service, and even prouder of our ‘both-feet-in’ commitment.  

With the right combination of creativity and experience, Marika and her team aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Our goal is simple: At the end of the day, we all want you to be crushing on your home! 


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We’d love to chat, or meet you for a complimentary consultation!

Tel: 403-835-0014

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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